Friday, January 25, 2019

The Face in the Wall

By: Mommy, Sebastian, and Kaelyn

While Sarah was reading her favorite book in the library, she heard a raucous sound off to her left. “What was that?” It had been quiet in the library, in the late night. The fire had been keeping her warm and slightly sleepy. Her brother, John, who was weird, had been playing chess with their dog, Poofle, because he did not have any other friends. It was after she started drifting off to sleep when she heard the loud ruckus.

John swung on the expensive library chandelier because he had won the chess game. He had been excited so he jumped up and grabbed the chandelier. Poofle barked and ran after John. Sarah, who was angry because John woke her up, yelled, “Get down from there!” John dismounted with a weird somersault. John foolishly swung off the chandelier.

John went flying into the wall. Sarah muttered, “He deserves this. I told him not to go nuts last time this happened.” Because the noise was extremely loud, the dog, Poofle, barked and vaulted after John. Poofle crunched into the wall because he was confused by the noise. John, who was in the rubble, yelled, “I am okey-bokey-dokey!” He had sprung to his feet and stupidly ran over to swing again. Poofle face palmed. He thought, “John is a dumb human.” John face planted into the wall.

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