Thursday, September 6, 2018

33 Days to Morning Glory- Day 3

Day 3: De Montfort's Consecration (Part 1)

In today's reading Fr. Gaitley talked about baptism and our vows that were made on our behalf and how we renew those vows each Easter. What do those vows mean? Unfortunately, these days, it seems many people don't see a vow as the unbreakable promise that it is. With divorce rates at 50%, our society sees vows as inconsequential and insignificant. A vow is a promise that cannot/should not be broken. My husband and I understand the importance of a vow in our marriage and have pledged ourselves to each other. Divorce would never be an option on the table for us.

One of the questions posed after this reading was if there was anything I have fully given myself to in my life. I think I have given myself in marriage and parenthood; however, have I given myself fully?  What does that even mean?  To be honest, I am not sure. This is a question I need to ponder and ask God and for help.

Another thought to ponder is the humility of Mary. Humility is embracing the fact that we are nothing more than instruments for love and service for God. It is not about us, but rather it is about God. It means thinking of God and others first. It is not necessarily "being quiet" and meek, because Jesus was not quiet. He chased people with whips and knocked over tables when needed!  The difference is doing things out of love for God. You can't be humiliated if you have a heart for God. People may try, but the voluntary act of being humble is giving up your self for God.

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