Wednesday, September 5, 2018

33 Days to Morning Glory- Day 2

Day 2: St. Louis' Influence on the Church

In today's reading, we read about how St. Louis's community spent 18 months working together to build a monument that was then destroyed on the day it would have been dedicated. Losing something you worked so hard on would be disappointing and frustrating. Instead, St. Louis told them to build the statue in their hearts. He so easily blessed God in the situation where I would have cried and screamed. It gives me something to think about and strive toward in my daily life.

What should you detach yourself from? How can we grow closer by giving up some things? Social media is a huge time pull. I could detach myself from it, and I have. I no longer get notifications from any of my social media outlets. I check them a few times a day, but I don't think about them in between times I allow myself to check them. Also, I should detach from some of my daydreams. I let my mind get away from me, especially in the morning. Instead of laying in bed daydreaming, I should get up and start to tackle the day. I have managed to get up before the kids today and I did my reading then. It was an amazing start to the day!!

I haven't read a ton of books in my adult life. I have a hard time finishing them, but here are a few books that I have finished and have made an impact on me:

Who would I want to influence with my life and walk with God?  I would like to influence my children. I want them to see me as a positive Catholic example. I want them to be led down the easiest path to Christ and build strong and faithful Catholic families as they become adults. In reality, I want to influence the future generation (my children and grandchildren). That idea is daunting and boy do I have work to do on myself!

Mary, help me to be like you, so I can be an example to my family.

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