Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcoming Myself Back

It has been over three months since I last wrote on this blog. Things have happened. Lives have changed. My own mentality has been pulled through a ringer and I came out on the other end. 

So, what's up?

  • Well, first, we are expecting another baby!  We are due with a little girl on Christmas Day. The family is thrilled and we are getting used to the idea of having five kids.
  • School has started up again. We just started week four of RCHistory today. We are all enjoying the change of curriculum and the less stress I attempted to plan for this school year. It is about enjoying learning this year and getting used to a new family member.
  • I am in a happy space right now. I struggled so hard at the beginning of the year with my heart and with my health. Right now I am feeling fantastic. Getting pregnant fixed my hormone levels and mentally I am in a safe place. I can handle my life right now, and that is a great feeling.

So, what is going on with the blog?

I took a much needed break over this summer. I plan on updating again now that our school year is back in session. It may not be every week, but I will update as my kids write and do projects. I plan on taking school pictures shortly, so I will share as we do things. The blog is lower key these days because it had been stressful last year trying to keep up with all the reviews. Now that I am no longer doing reviews, my blog is a place of respite an decompression for myself so I will only write here when I want to.

Thanks for sticking around and I'll write again soon. Life always has interesting moments that I love to share!

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