Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Son Goku

by: Sebastian
Goken is a character I made up for Dragonball Super. Although he is not in the comics or tv show, I thought he was pretty awesome.


Goken is a half-Saiyan who is always hungry and is very clever. [#1] his parents are Gohan, son of Goku, and Videl, daughter of the “hero,” Hercule. [#3] Unsurprisingly he wears an average light blue t-shirt and an orange sleeveless jacket with standard black pants. [#5] Because he is coolheaded and smart, he is bullied vigorously. [#4] Training, battling, and devouring food are his favorite things. [#3] despite not having any friends, he is always friendly to everyone. Threats to others make him as mad as Vegeta. Since Goken is so strong, he hates bullies because it is hard to not punch them in he face. [#6] He is a hungry half-Saiyan.

[#6] Goken is very strong. He can do the epic kamehameha and he learned kiaoken from Goku. Super Saiyan, which was awoken in him from rage, became one of his moves. [#2] During his training, he learned Super Saiyan Two and then after intense training, he finally learned the Super Saiyan Three. [#5] Since he was a Saiyan, he wasn’t going to stop there. Goku came over and trained him. [#4] Training in battle, Goken transformed into Super Saiyan God! Shortly after that, he learned Super Saiyan Blue. [#1] He then surpassed Vegeta. He was strong as Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken times 20 Goku, in just his regular Super Saiyan Blue form. [#3] Wholeheartedly, he accepted the invitation to train in the hyperbolic time chamber. Insanely, he taught himself to make his body parts move on their own; it was Ultra Instinct but with Super Saiyan Blue. Goken is ridiculously powerful Saiyan.

Now you now pretty much all you need to know about Goken. He is a funny, hungry, peaceful warrior Saiyan.

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