Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April's Word: Replenish

Over the past few months, I have focused on the words TRUST, SURRENDER, and HOPE. You can read my recap of the last three months here. In April I am shifting my focus to REPLENISH.

I am looking to replenish my health, my spiritual mind, my mama heart, and my creative meter.

I have been so hyper focused about "fixing" myself, that I forgot about myself. I was focused on losing weight, getting things checked off my to-do list, and creating this mountain of work for myself that I forgot to look at myself. I suffered a torrential flare-up and ignored the signs until I was in bed, unable to face the day.

This month I am turning my focus on myself. I have been working on getting my flare-up under control and toward the end of March I finally felt hope (my word of the month) and I finally felt that I was coming out from under the worst of it. I want to continue to replenish my body by taking it easy and giving myself grace. 

I want to replenish my spiritual life by finishing my Bible study and then doing some free Bible reading without deadlines. I want to be lead through one of the gospels and just let the Word of God speak to me without having to think about discussion questions or keeping up with a time table.

I will replenish my mama heart by lessening my outside commitments so that I can enjoy my children. Homeschool is going to be lots of read-alouds, stress-free creative assignments, and continuing to look toward time off in June. 

I will replenish my creative meter by doing art. It doesn't matter if it is cross-stitch, coloring pages, or writing a blog post, but I need to make it a priority to give myself this time. 

This month I want to slow down, rest up, and refill my meters. I cannot minister to others if my own vessel is empty. This is the month I become full again, in order to be a better vessel for God in the future.

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