Friday, January 12, 2018

Battle of the Small Ships

by: Sebastian

Voltron was beaten up, which was a rare occurrence. [#2] Since the lions were repaired, the Galra had been trying to destroy the five lions. Voltron and the ship were hovering above earth. [#3] Sadly, the giant robot was unable to hit the agile ship. Although there was strangely only one ship, Voltron needed to escape.

Voltron’s paladins decided to send the blue lion, which was a more compact size, in to attack the enemy ship. Because Voltron was not moving, the Galra sent a transmission to Voltron. “Surrender now!” [#3] Energetically, Voltron responded with, “Never!” [#2] Because of Volton not being able to hit the Galra ship, the blue lion quickly decides to go in and crush the enemy.

The blue lion, who launched itself toward the ship, used its mouth laser which resulted in the ship imploding. [#2] Because of there being pieces, the blue lion used its tail laser to destroy the pieces. [#3] Sadly, the Golran ship managed to transmit a message to its fleet. The agile blue lion flew back to Voltron. While Voltron was massive, it was still more effective to destroy a fleet. Volton decimated the fleet amazingly.

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