Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Day in the Life...

So what does a typical day look like and feel like for me? Let me take you with me so you can see for yourself. This is a day I don't leave the house, which does not include errands, dance class, karate, or library runs. I wish every day was this low-key...

5:30 am- Baby wakes up. In a half-awake stupor I get him and bring him into bed with me so that I can nurse him and get a few more minutes of sleep. (I don't actually go back to sleep, but I pretend to be sleeping)

6 am- My workout alarm goes off. The baby is still nursing and I can't get myself away. I decide to play on my phone since I am not able to go back to sleep anyway.

7 am- The baby finally stops nursing!  But now he is awake and stepping in my face. The three-year-old opens the door and climbs into bed with us, followed by the older two. Someone inevitably starts crying (usually not me) so we go downstairs for breakfast.

8 am- I get the baby in his high chair, grab my synthroid, smear some eo's on my thyroid and begin making breakfast for the kids.

8:30 am- After the kids are fed, I make my own breakfast. I love eggs with sauteed veggies or a smoothie with frozen fruit and almond milk.

9:30 am- Usually breakfast is cleaned up by now and I have written the older kids school work down in their assignment books. The baby is usually still eating in his high chair. Sometimes I take this time to workout, if the baby is happy in his high chair.

10:30 am- Workout done! Baby is cleaned up and playing in the living room. The kids are playing/fighting/crying but I try to ignore them, unless there is blood. 

11 am- I take the baby upstairs to nurse and then take a nap.

11:30 am- I work on lunch for everyone. 

12:30 pm- I remind the kids to start working on their school work. Sometimes I workout here if I didn't get to it earlier otherwise THIS IS MY TIME KIDS!!! DON'T BOTHER ME FOR A FEW MINUTES SO I CAN SPACE OUT AND DO NOTHING FOR 20 MINUTES. This never actually happens. Usually there is mass chaos.

1 pm- I work with the kids on their schoolwork they need me for.

3:30 pm- I realize the baby has been sleeping since 11 and will never go to sleep at night now. I go wake him up and he turns into the Hulk.

4 pm- Dinner prep! Or as I like to call it, "look into the fridge and complain about having to make food. Again." Yeah, that's too long. Dinner prep it is.

5 pm- Actual dinner prep because I was interrupted 9,204,083,463 times by children in the last hour.

6 pm- Eating of the dinner. 

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm The Bewitching Hour. This is the hour the kids LOSE THEIR MINDS. I don't know why, but there are so many arguments, fights, brain-dead moments during this hour. The most hated hour of the day because I am exhausted. My husband is exhausted. The kids are exhausted even if they don't want to admit it. Uhg. This hour needs some TLC.

7:30 pm- Bedtime for the kids. Another hot button time of the day.

8 pm- I tuck the kids to bed, sing a song, read a book, etc. and then come downstairs for some time with my husband.  And my baby, remember? He won't go to sleep because I let him sleep for years this afternoon.

9 pm- Plead with the baby to go to sleep. I usually take pictures of him and send them to my mom and sister, telling them how the baby won't sleep because documenting it makes me feel better somehow.

9:30 pm- Forget this. I put the baby in his crib and tell the other kids to be quiet, because they are still awake... doing who knows what.

10 pm- Pass out. I don't care who is awake because I am not anymore.


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