Friday, August 4, 2017

First Day of School: A Nature Hike

Our first field trip of the year, and the start of our school year, was an almost two-mile hike in the woods. It was beautiful but it was hot. I was proud of Miles, who walked the entire hike on his own!

We were able to see some beautiful sites on our walk and Matthew and I talked a great deal about what we saw. Topics of conversations included deciduous and coniferous trees, life cycles, LRPing, responsible hiking and the "leave no trace" slogan, and more than I can remember. We also had a fun time seeing all the different colors of mushrooms in the forest. I was taken aback by the colors!

We started out with a short and easy hike to see how the kids would handle it. After that hike, we were warmed up to try a longer and harder hike. We went down to the water and saw a TON of chipmunks being crazy.

At the end of the hike we still looked great! Phys Ed with the family is the best.

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