Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Lost Fight and Shadow

by: Kaelyn

Ninety-nine years ago, there was a traveler, who wore a red shirt and blue pants. He rented a donkey, who was grey and had a colorful jacket. The owner, who wore a pink jacket and pants, helped the traveler get to New York The traveler packed stuff to put on the donkey. The owner safely led the donkey down the hill.

The donkey's jacket.
It was hot and there was no shade. They saw there was shade at the donkey's shadow.

"The shade is mine," said the traveler, "because I rented the donkey."

"No! The shade is mine!" said the owner, "because I own the donkey."

They then fought and fought and fought.

The donkey sneakily galloped away. Where did the donkey go? They looked for the donkey, who was in a new town with new friends. Both are blamed because they both lost the donkey and they argued about that too. Never fight because you will lose someone that you love.

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