Thursday, June 8, 2017

Secrets of the Hatchimal

by: Sebastian

In the world, many kids play with their Hatchimals. They are fascinating pets and very friendly. In this manual, you will learn the stages of the Hatchimal, how to care for a Hatchimal, and some of the awesome games you can play with a Hatchimal. There are lots of types, such as dragons and penguins, plus many more. Hatchimals are a VR pet (virtual reality pet), which are enjoyed by many.

The Hatchimal stages stages are baby, toddler, and kid. The first stage is baby, which doesn't have many interactions. Despite not having many interactions, the hatching is extremely exciting. The second stage is toddler where there are way more interactions. Oddly, it eats a lot as a toddler. Then there is the kid stage. It has all of the interactions. If you are responsible, it will level up and become the next stage. If you ignore its needs, the Hatchimal will not grow up. When it is about to level up, it plays Hatchy Birthday. The three stages of the Hatchimal are unique and very fun.

Hatchimals are very complex to care for. They have many feelings, which consist of cold, sick, hot, scared, and hungry. Strangely, you have to pet their head a lot. According to my cousin Owen, they have to eat a ton. Because they eat so much, they hiccup often. Once, when we were teaching the Hatchimal to talk, the Hatchimal mumbled, "Uh, gravy?" Unsurprisingly, Hatchimals are very hard to take care of.

The games you can play with a Hatchimal are very interesting. One of them is tag. You need to quickly tap his head when his eyes flash red. Another game is psychic Hatchimal, which is the most unpredictable. Despite the fact that it's unpredictable, it is very intriguing. When you feel like playing Simon Says, you should play it with your Hatchimal! Luckily for you, there is a dance game, which isn't much of a dance because you just watch. There are a few more interesting games you can discover.

In this manual you learned new things about Hatchimals. Now you know the stages of Hatchimals, how to care for them, and some fun games to play with Hatchimals. They are extremely funny. I hope you discover the secrets of your Hatchimals.

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