Friday, June 23, 2017

Field Trip #3 The Beach!

This year has been sadly lacking in field trips, but we did finish out the year with a couple fun ones. Last week we spent two days at the beach, and it was a necessary break from home and it was a mental health refresh.
This year was a tough year for the family. The school year started late because our dog died, we had a new baby just a month into our school finally beginning, we took a huge road trip, and we bought a puppy. A puppy!  What were we thinking?  Field trips quickly fell by the wayside, but I have promised my kids MORE field trips for next year and we are ending our year with some real fun adventures.
We went to the beach, and I allowed Sebastian to but two new pets: hermit crabs!  Their names are Rex and Tomatoa (thank you, Moana You're welcome!)

Oliver woke me up before sunrise one day, but it was so wonderful to watch the sun rise over the ocean. It was a spiritual experience to see God's design in our world.

I even got some reading in at the beach!

And we had a lesson in horseshoe crab mating rituals.

The sun rise was splendid.

Beach bunny!

My beautiful momma came with me to help corral my kids.

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