Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Frieza's Ugly Duckling

by Sebastian

Zarbon was very weak. No one liked to train with him because he would get knocked out or a severe bloody nose. Zarbon tried to bury his feelings, which sadly didn't help. He was so weak, he broke his hand when he attempted to pummel a stuffed animal.

No one liked Zarbon. Ginyu snorted and laughed at Zarbon and would not train with him. Vegeta, who was one of the three remaining Saiyans, burst into laughter at the thought of training with Zarbon. Zarbon awkwardly flew off to the underground shuttlebay. Since he was alone in the shuttlebay, he finally let out his feelings.

Zarbon transformed into a horrifying monster. He flung himself into the air viciously and flew towards the training grounds. When he got there, he challenged Vegeta to a duel. This time Zarbon knocked Vegeta out, which intrigued Frieza to offer Zarbon a job. Zarbon became the right-hand man for Frieza.

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