Thursday, December 22, 2016

Using my Erin Condren Teacher Planner in my Home School: An Update

Back in July I shared with you my Erin Condren Teacher Planner and how I set it up for the year to use as a homeschool parent. Today I want to share with you how that is going and whether I am still using it and liking it.

I am still in love and using this beauty every day. It keeps me sane and decorating it makes me happy. I used to only write in the weekly lesson plans, but lately I have been making them fun by adding stickers and washi. There is no purpose to the decorations besides it making me happy, but I think it looks beautiful and it makes me want to plan more often, which keeps me on top of our school more.
My original planning strategy: minimilistic.

New strategy: all the washi! Yay, Christmas!
I started to write daily assignments down in notebooks for the kids. That helps them not badger me and keeps my expectations for the day clear.

Sebastian is a bit more violent as he finishes assignments. We also work on spelling words in the notebook as well.
On the month I notate days of school, field trips, co-op days, art classes, Little Flower meetings as well as holidays. I also decorate like crazy. 

I like to use the stickers in the back of the planner for school related things on the month pages (co-op, art class, etc.)
I learned somethinig about my reading log. Next year, I am going to make two columns on each page. Sebastian reads a TON and I am running out of room and it is only December. For this year I am going to be taping in extra pages, but I would rather not do that for next year.
I have ideas to improve this next year, in how I use it AND in how it looks. That washi is terrible! LOL
Now that I have a separate memories planner, next year I may turn this into a place to jot down attitudes and behavior during the month. 
I also keep a list of my co-op contacts and co-op dates where it originally had things for the substitute.

I do use the checklist in the back to write down assignments and *some* grades. I don't typically grade things, but I do grade math tests and I am starting to grade some of Sebastian's work as he begins to mature.

I do love this planner and I am making it work for me. I look forward to getting another teacher planner for next year and changing what I did. There are a few things I could do better and could use differently for next year. I will let you know about those changes!

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