Monday, October 3, 2016

Weeks 7-9: Welcome Baby Oliver

For the past few weeks we have laid off the school books and have been adjusting to a family of six. Oliver joined the world in September and we have been enjoying these few weeks of newborn goodness without stressing over getting "school work" done. My husband has been home from work which has allowed me to rest and just love on all four of my kids.

How are the kids doing?

The kids are in love with their new baby brother. They love to hold him, sing to him, calm him, and they are all willing to help out. I was concerned about how Miles would take to the baby, but he is in love with his baby. The way the older kids are modeling their love is helping show Miles how to be an awesome big brother. Although he is two and he still can pack a tantrum, overall he is showing us how mature he is and can handle this new responsibility of diaper-getter and burp-cloth-finder.  He is even showing signs of wanting to be potty trained!  (I just hope he continues to want to be potty trained in a couple weeks when I can actually work with him...)

Kaelyn is a little mommy and loves to help put Oliver in his swing or just hold him when I need to use the bathroom. She has been a huge help and has been willing to change Miles' diapers when I am nursing Oliver. She is getting so big!!

Sebastian, self-proclaimed King of the Babies, has already been talking about the "next babies" that we will have. This child is insatiable when it comes to babies, lol. It is a blessing to see how much he loves babies and loves life that God gives us.  He melts my heart.

How are the adults doing?

Oliver has been the most laid back baby we have had. He enjoys sleeping and doesn't cry much (unless he wants to eat, because he LOVES to eat).  Oliver does have a lip and tongue tie, which we will be getting fixed this week, and it has kept him from sleeping well lately but he has given me a 3 or 4 hour stretch sometimes. Overall this recovery has been pretty easy on me. I feel great and with help from the family the house isn't a disaster. Everyone in the family has been stepping up and helping with chores. I have even learned the art of delegation.

How are we still learning?

Sebastian has been reading a ton of books. Although I have a log of what books he checks out from the library, I haven't been keeping tally on the books from our own library he has been reading.  I am happy to see him continue reading for enjoyment while we are on a baby break.

The kids have continued to go to co-op with a friend when I haven't been able to get there. I am glad they can hang out with their friends while learning without their momma hovering over them. It works out for everyone involved.  As well as going to co-op, the kids go to Sunday PREP school (Parish Religious Education) at our church. It is another hour where they learn under the tutelage of a teacher that isn't their mother. I think it is important for them to have other mentors in their life and this is a great and safe way to do that.

Dance has started up. Little Flowers has started up. Science experiments and baking sweets is happening. There are tons of easy ways to continue learning even though we have book the workbooks away for now. This time is so precious and I plan on enjoying it with all of the family.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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