Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 6: Home Stretch

I am now in the homestretch of this pregnancy and we could have a newborn any day. Not today, but any day. Instead of trying to move forward in our curriculum, we are doing reviews and other fun things together like Art Hub for Kids on YouTube, creating prayer journals, science experiments, and cartography. It is fun to do other things as a break.

What was Sebastian doing?

This week I thought it would be fun to delve into cartography with Sebastian. We started with a simple map of his room and moved on to a map of our house/land, and then our neighborhood. I want to carry this lesson further and work on map legends, map scale, state map, and also making a fantasy map. This could be a fun unit!

Brothers playing... whatever it is they are playing...

What was Kaelyn doing?

Kaelyn was away last weekend camping with her grandparents at a music festival. She loved it!  She was drumming, staying up late, and eating marshmallows at a fire. I am told she behaved phenomenally. Yay!  When she came home she was excited to have an eye doctor appointment (she has great vision, for now) and we spent time reviewing her reading skills. I am not adding anything new to her reading to give her time to grow her confidence. She is doing very well, even when she consistently forgets what sound "e" makes. I don't understand that. It's new.

What was Miles doing?

Miles had his 12 month therapy reevaluation this week. He was in a great mood and wasn't too stubborn about listening to the evaluator. We were excited to hear that he no longer needs speech therapy!  While I am still concerned about his articulation, at his age he is doing very well. In six months, when he turns three, if he is still having articulation and vowel problems we can get him evaluated by the IU, but there can be so much change in six months he might not need any help. We have the tools to help him now, and taking something off the schedule will aid in the stress of having a newborn.

What were the adults doing?

We are working our way through Stranger Things. It is a bit creepy, but very well done. Depending on the night I sometimes allow us to watch it. It has given me some strange dreams so I get freaked out a little when we watch it. I am just amazed at the acting ability of those kids!  The fantasy/ DnD aspect of it is enjoyable and the retro feel makes it just a fun show to watch. We are excited to see that it is going to have a second season next year.

The big hit in our school

We have been working on Prayer Journals this week. We decorated some paper with a TON of glitter and we are adding pages to it each day.  I wanted to do something with the kids together and since we aren't doing religious lessons right now, I thought this could be a nice way to come together and focus on God. So far, it is one of our favorite parts of the day.  I may end up keeping this as part of our morning routine even after we get back to our regularly schedule curriculum.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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