Saturday, August 6, 2016

First Week of School Completed

Although we are a week behind my original "schedule," we started school this week with our feet running. Fourth grade and first grade are coming fast!  We completed the first week of school without too much pain and we even were able to hang out with a bunch of friends!

What we did

We finished up our first week of school!  Sebastian has put in 10 days of school so far this year and Kaelyn is at 6 days. Last week Sebastian spent five days at music camp which is why he is ahead of Kaelyn by a few days. We also had some friends over on Wednesday afternoon.

Sebastian had a little review to go over the first day, but then we went into the first week of school. Most of our subjects were being introduced this week so we didn't get a chance to dig in too deep yet. It worked for us this week since we were so busy.

Kaelyn is working on her reading. Somehow she managed to forget a ton of what she learned last year even though we only took about a month off. Luckily with some review it is coming back fast. She was nervous about reading on her own this week but I managed to get her confidence up and by the end of the week she wasn't asking for so much help.

Where we went

We went to some friends houses on Tuesday, Thursday, AND Friday!  It was a full week of fellowship.  Sebastian also had his first friend sleep over with his best bud and he had a blast. I knew he would have fun. Apparently they got themselves locked in the attic for a while, but their dad saved the day. Adventure!

What worked

School this week has been finished well before lunch every day. What is working is getting up, eating breakfast, and getting right to work. I can keep Miles busy with some art supplies and a snack and we can get done before he gets too cranky.

What didn't work

Perhaps we were a bit too busy this week. Hahaha!  I am tired!  But to be honest, I wouldn't change it. We hadn't seen any friends since June because of our terrible July. We were all very happy to get out of the house and see people that we love.

The big hit this week

Kaelyn is in LOVE with her science book, Behold and See 1 from Catholic Heritage Curriculum. She just loves that she is doing science and she loves workbooks for some reason. Silly goof! I am glad she is happy with it.  This week we were studying seeds and she was able to use a magnifying glass to get an upclose look at them. That made her feel like a scientist.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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