Friday, March 11, 2016

Field Trip Friday #3: Ice Skating

After earning a reward this past month, my kids and I took a trip to the local ice skating rink. We used it as a field trip day for physical education! In addition, we went during a "cheap skate" so it was affordable for the older kids and I to enjoy a day out without the baby (he stayed home with Daddy).

What we did:

We rented skates and spent two hours slipping and sliding around the rink.  Kaelyn spent most of the time clinging to a cone to help with her balance, but I was able to coax her on the ice while holding onto just my hand. She loved being near me, skating together, and having some special one-on-one time. We both needed that time together.

Sebastian used the cone but then became very frustrated when he couldn't skate without the cone while his friends were doing fine without it. He almost gave up, but I am so proud of him because he kept trying!  He persevered and was able to spend some time on the ice without the cone. He wasn't very fast, but he held his ground. This was such a great day for him because he very often gives up when something is difficult and he didn't!  

Favorite part:

We had a blast ice skating!
Two hours of exercise!  I will admit my back was hurting a little after all that skating.  It also helped me get in my 10,000 steps. The kids enjoyed getting to hang out with their friends. Because Sebastian persevered and did not give up, I was able to see him grow. That made my momma heart so proud and happy! Sebastian's favorite part was ice skating without the cone.

Least favorite part:

The pain!  Hahaha. Sebastian's least favorite part was using the cone and the times he fell. Kaelyn's least favorite part was when she fell on her butt. So yeah... the pain.

Will we come again?

Yes!  We plan on coming again soon so that we can continue to work on our skills. It was so much fun!

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