Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Bad Day for Kevin

by: Sebastian

        Kevin decided to fly a kite after his mother yelled at him because he lost his glasses. He decided to fly his kite at the bottom of a deceivingly calm volcano. Inside of him there was a deep sadness. [6] He lost his favorite Legos. Kevin sighed, “I wish this was tomorrow already.” [3] Creepily, he heard a petrified scream, which was in the distance. It's the opposite of a cool day for Kevin, especially after being yelled at.

        [3] Suddenly he heard a terrifying scream coming from him! The exploding volcano sent a great gust rocketing Kevin into the air. He looked down and spotted a bear, which looked hungry. He also spied an epic looking girl who cackled evilly at him. [6] It way to much. “Am I going to die?“ whispered Kevin under his breath. He screamed with terror in his eyes.

        [3]Amazingly, the kite ties around Kevin and sticks him to a tree. He looks over and sees a jumbo bear menacingly scouring at him, which causes Kevin to try to wiggle out of the tree. The bear looked liked a blob as it lunged at Kevin. [6]The bear swallowed Kevin whole! “What the heck am I going to eat in here?” thinks Kevin. It's not fun to be stuck in a bear, but it is interesting.

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