Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Building Wars

The following animal report was written by Sebastian and was completed today. (Thank you IEW!)

Building Wars

by: Sebastian
 January 2016

          Many animals are adept home builders.[6] Beavers build epic homes. They build sturdy homes, which are called lodges. Then they diligently construct at night so their enemies can not see them. Their razor sharp teeth cut down trees like a chainsaw. They haul the trees onto the land. Beavers then dig tunnels into the mound, which stay above the water level to keep them dry. [3]Happily they live there all winter. It would be cool to live with a beaver.

          [6]Swiftlets have surprisingly tasty nests. This is how they make them. The male, who is the head of the family, outlines on the wall of the nest with saliva. Human-like swiftlets then craft their intriguing nests. They expel their spit like a volcano. [3]Happily, the tasty nest is done.

          Honey bee homes, called hives, are astonishing. (6) They build in hollow places. When bees get hot, they drip wax. (3) Amazingly, they use their tongues to precisely shape the wax into their home. The royal queen, who lays the eggs, strangely has a ton of kids. The brave bee butts guard their home. Bee hives are so fascinating. With all of the unique animal homes, it's a war between the builders for which is most amazing.

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