Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Goals

Every year people make resolutions, goals, and plan to better themselves for the New Year.  I don't necessarily buy into the New Year Resolution party because so many people make huge changes and cannot live long term with their resolutions.  Instead of making changes in my life, I like to reevaluate my goals I have and see where I need to make improvements.  I don't do this exclusively at the New Year but rather throughout the year and make sure my life is lining up with the goals that I have set for myself.  With my husband, we have come up with our goals and how we can achieve these goals long term. We have made some small changes this past week to aid in our attempt to stay focused on our goals and be able to live with them throughout the year.

I have five goals in my life and with each goal I have actions I want to work on this year to improve these areas of my life. Some of these things I am already doing and some of these things will be new. I do not plan to add the new ideas all at once, rather work on one a month. I have a whole year to better myself, why should January get all the fun?

Goal #1 Drawing Closer to God

In life, our top priority is to God and I need to try to make Him more prominent in my life. I pray. I go to mass. I do try. Instead of just going through my life, happy with what I am doing for Him, I want to continually encourage myself to press on and further in my spiritual life. 
  1. I will read the mass readings daily.
  2. I will read a few Catholic books.
  3. Pray, pray, pray! Every day!
  4. On Tuesdays alternate going to daily mass and adoration each week with the children in tow.
  5. We will go to confession monthly.
  6. I will spend time alone at adoration monthly.

Goal #2 Drawing closer to my spouse

Unfortunately, my dear husband has taken a back burner too many times in the past. It is so easy to take him for granted when we are knee deep in raising children.  I want to place him ahead of other people and things in my life so that our relationship only deepens and matures with time.
  1. Every evening after the children go to bed, we will read the Bible together and pray together. We will take this time to be open and honest and let each other know what is going on in our hearts.
  2. Once a month we will have a date with just the two of us and no distractions.

Goal #3 Drawing closer to our children

I spend so much of my time and energy on our children through homeschooling that I sometimes forget to be their mother instead of their teacher.
  1. Each week spend individual time with each child.
  2. Focus on teaching respect and etiquette.
  3. After dinner, have a Bible reading and spiritual conversation with the whole family.
  4. Take time to have fun, not just "get through" school/chores/etc.

Goal #4 Keeping the house clean and de-cluttered

I hate this goal. Keeping the house clean is difficult to say the least. Having a less cluttered life seems to be more of a dream than something attainable for this family. This is the most difficult goal and will clearly need the most work in our lives. I have devised a plan to help us tackle these projects and we started it last week. So far it is going well and I can tell the biggest culprit in our house becoming cluttered is when we fail to follow the schedule. We will need to be more adhesive to the plan if we want to climb out from under the mess.
  1. Follow the weekly maintenance plan (rotates throughout the month).
  2. Teach the children how to help and do chores as a family.
  3. Add monthly chores to declutter/help organize the house over the course of the year.

Goal #5 Recharge Time

As a mom, I am constantly forgetting about myself and taking time for myself. It is needed even more since I am an introvert. Forgetting to fill my tank will only cause me to not be able to keep up with the above goals. If I don't care for my self, than I will never be able to care for God, my husband, the kids, and the house. Although this is my fifth goal, it is equally important as everything else!
  1. Exercise three times a week.
  2. Be creative every day.
  3. Nap time is quiet time for everyone in the house.
  4. Get quality sleep.

Although it might look like there is lots of change, most of these things I have been doing already. Goal #4 is the big change for me, but I have done it before. I had to reprint my schedule, but not that it is on my fridge, it is easy for me to get things done because I know what I need to do. Focusing myself can be the hardest part of my life.  What are your goals?  Are you making resolutions? How are you taking charge of 2016?

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