Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Curriculum 2015-2016

We will be officially starting the new school year in a few days.  By starting with a field trip and then a week of music camp, I have put off the book work for an easier transition to school.

Last year's curricula was a BUST!  We ended up plodding through it until February when I gave up and we went in a completely different direction. While the idea of unit studies sounds like a ton of fun, the reality was a lot of stress for me as a working mom. Instead of RC History, we worked in some Catholic Heritage Curricula books to try it out.  It was so much smoother so I decided to use it for this upcoming year.

My husband and I went to the National Immaculate Heart of Mary Home School Conference in June and we were completely uplifted by the conference. I showed the books off to my husband and we were both sold on CHC with a few minor modifications. The most exciting part is that the lesson plans are all laid out for me! Earlier this year I bought a Michele Quigley Planner (daily and lesson) to help keep me organized during the busy months of the school year.

Third Grade

  • English
    • Spelling: My Catholic Speller B (CHC)
    • Reading: Vintage Tales (CHC)
    • Writing: All Things Fun and Fascinating (IEW)
    • Handwriting: Catholic Heritage Handwriting 3- learning cursive! (CHC)
  • Arithmetic
    • Math-U-See -finishing up Gamma (multiplication) and then moving into Delta (division)
  • Science
    • Behold & See 3 (CHC)
  • Geography
    • Tour a Country (CHC)
    • Map Skills C (CHC)
  • Health and Physiology
    • Behold & See 3 (CHC)
  • Physical Education
    • Ballet Class
    • Playing outside
  • Music
    • My own curricula
  • Art
    • Masterpieces: Liturgical (CHC)
    • Art Pac 3 (CHC)
  • Latin
    • Little Latin Readers A (CHC)
  • Religion
    • Faith & Life: Our Life with Jesus


  • English
    • Reading
      • Little Folks Letter Practice (CHC)
      • Little Stories for Little Folks (CHC)
      • PAL Reading (IEW)
    • Writing
      • Catholic Heritage Handwriting K (CHC)
      • PAL Writing (IEW)
  • Math
    • Little Folks Number Practice (CHC)
    • Math-U-See Primer
  • Religion
    • God's Love Story (CHC)
    • Who Am I? (CHC)
  • Art
    • Art Masterpieces: Liturgical
    • Crafts throughout the year
  • Music
    • My own curricula
  • Physical Education
    • Ballet class

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