Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A conversation with Kaelyn

Children are funny ducks.  This morning I had an argument with my oldest son about whether or not there were six or seven days of the week. I won when I showed him the calendar, but he is well versed in the art of arguing a dead point.
Then I had an interesting conversation with my daughter. It was priceless, so I had to share. Here is a typical conversation with my almost four-year-old daughter.

Me: I love this picture of you and your brother. You are making a silly face, and he looks like a girl in that outfit you picked out for him!
The picture that started the conversation.

Kaelyn: Yeah. You have bugs on your bed.

Me: What?

Kaelyn: They were on my feet!

Me: What?? There aren't any bugs in my bed...

Kaelyn:  No. They are in my feet.

Me: Let me see. (she hands me her feet) I don't see any bugs or any bug bites.

Kaelyn:  They are IN my feet. You have to bite them.

Me: I have to bite the bugs?

Kaelyn: (a little exasperated at this point) No... you have to bite my feet to get the bugs out.

Me: Ok. (I grab her feet and bite them) Are they all out now?

Kaelyn: No. I need a doctor with a real school buss to get them out.

Me: That's unfortunate because I don't know a doctor with a real school bus.

Kaelyn: Maybe I can dance them out.

Me: Yeah, why don't you try that.
  This is Kaelyn. She takes after her mother.

Also, she wants a sister.

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