Thursday, June 26, 2014

My 3 Favorite Summer Things is here!!!  I love the summer. Here are just three reasons why (and I have so many more) :

1. Birthdays!

Sebastian just turned seven this week. Time sure does fly by. Wasn't he just two years old yesterday? His birthday marks the beginning of summer for me. His birthday party is a great way to jump start the fun of the summer sun. This year we did a Minecraft party. Oh, I can't wait to share some of the photo booth pictures we took (but we haven't edited them yet, so you and I will just have to wait a bit for that)

Also, I am turning 31 years old in less than a week. I get as excited for my birthday now as I did when I was seven. I love cake and feeling special and everything about a birthday. My birthday means that good sweet corn will be ready soon.

2. Anniversary!

My husband proposed to me in the summer and then we were married in the summer. Love love love! We usually go away for a weekend, just the two of us, but this year we have a new baby that needs me so we are planning on just a date instead. This will be our first date since Miles was born in February (and he is also going to be a third wheel, silly baby!)

3. Tigerlilies!

When I was born my parents did not have much money.  My father couldn't afford a "push present" or flowers for my mom.  Instead of buying anything, my father took some tigerlilies that were growing along the side of the road in to me and my mom. Isn't that sweet? It is a short and simple story, but that is why the tigerlily is my favorite flower.  The first man I loved brought me flowers the day I was born (or the day after- I don't actually remember). I have had a life-long obsession with the tigerlily.  They are my favorite flower.  When I was planning our wedding, the only thing I demanded were tigerlilies in my bouquet. When we bought our house these first thing I planted were some tigerlilies by my mailbox. Over the few years we lived here I have also transplanted some by the side of my house and in the back. They are starting to take over, and I love it!

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