Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Reasons I love Homne Education
Today I wanted to show you Three Things I Love About Home Education.

1. Family Bonding

We just welcomed a third baby into our house 6 weeks ago. He is a blessing, and my two older kids have fallen completely in love with him. If they were off at school they would not have the time with him and might not have bonded like they have. I have to thank the fact they are home with us for the love they all have for each other.

Sibling love

2. Individualized Fun Learning

Kids learn in different ways. My two are completely different from each other. One loves to color and do art crafts. The other loves math and science projects. One learns by doing and manipulating and the other learns through songs. Being able to cater to their learning styles as well as their interests makes learning fun and more worthwhile. I don't know how I survived public school. I guess not knowing there was a better option kept me from giving up. Also- NO TESTING!! I don't test my kids (unless Sebastian requests is, because he does, because he is weird). I am able to evaluate their learning many other ways besides making them fill in bubbles.

Hands on learning

3. 100% Me
My kids are not afraid to be 100% themselves. They do not have to worry about bullies making fun of them for liking My Little Pony or for wearing a tie that doesn't match their shirt. They can be free to like or not like whatever they choose. That freedom is beautiful.

Free to be weird and crazy

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