Friday, January 24, 2014

Home School Journal: Day 115

Kaelyn's photography skills.

In my life this week… 

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant!  We have officially made it to "early term."  I am very much done with this pregnancy, but I know I have a few more weeks to power through. I think chocolate will help me get through.

This was my first week off from work. It wasn't any more stress-free, because I am so exhausted!  I am also doing a poor job keeping it together, lol. My husband regularly tells me to sit down and stop trying. I agree!

In our home school this week… 

Kaelyn's school work this week. What letter were we working on?

We are all looking forward to the break. Next week, Sebastian will be winding down by finishing up some last items from curriculum and starting to relax. Both of us look forward to being off for February and March. Kaelyn, on the other hand, LOVES school and will be sad when we don't do as much for a couple months. Hopefully she can forgive me and accepts limited craft time as we adjust to a new baby. Luckily Sebastian is a great reader and has been doing a great job reading books to her, so I plan on using him to read to her when needed.

I am excited for fresh curriculum and hopefully a fresh outlook when we start up again in March or April.

80's Kaelyn
Major bed head

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