Monday, November 25, 2013

My Little Pony: Party of One App Review

This Brony family was very excited to be able to check out the new My Little Pony: Part of One app for our iPod touch.

First off, Pinkie Pie is my three-year-old daughter and my favorite pony. Second off, Party of One is, hands down, my favorite episode of My Little Pony.  I knew before playing around with this app, that I would love it... and maybe my kids would too... ;-)

The story can either be read to the user or you can turn it off and read it for yourself.  This made the app fun for both my 3-year-old, getting the story read to her, and my 6-year-old, reading the story for himself.

The opening screen allows you to choose whether or not you want the story read to you.

If you are reading the story by yourself, there are certain words that are highlighted. You can touch them to hear the word. This is great for those harder words beginning readers are not able to decipher.
Throughout the pages, there are opportunities to press on the characters to see additional interactions. This page is my 3-year-old daughter's favorite page. She presses Pinkie Pie over and over and over again to hear to scream "What's in that bag?!?!?" and see Rainbow Dash jump.

She spends most of her iPod time playing with Pinkie Pie and having the story read to her over and over again.
Overall I feel this app is very nicely done. I like the Read to me / Read it myself functionality as well as the actual voice of Pinkie Pie in the app.  My son was upset that the narrator was the voice for the other ponies, but it didn't keep him from playing with the app.  The interaction on the pages keeps my kids attention and makes each reading of the story different. This app costs $2.99 and I was hoping for a little more with the price- perhaps a learning game or something. Although I don't think the price is outrageous, I just thought there might have been more to the app than just a story book.

  • Pinkie Pie's real voice
  • Ability to Read to Me or Read it Myself
  • Interactive pony moments
  • Just like the episode!
  • The animation is just like the show and looks very nice
  • Keeps my daughter busy for a few minutes (perfect for in the doctor's waiting room, or when I am trying to go over math facts with my son)
  • $2.99 for just a story
  • No other pony voices from the show besides Pinkie Pie

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