Monday, September 30, 2013

Math Mammoth Review

Math Mammoth is a mastery based math curriculum that is either a stand alone complete curriculum or books by topic. Grades 1-5 are currently Common Core aligned, with grade 6 being aligned sometime this year.

I chose to review Grade 1 of the light blue series (the complete curriculum). The curriculum included two student texts with answers, worksheets, reviews, and a soft-pac program.

The book starts with a Kindergarten review and then slowly brings in new topics, focusing on one single topic for a long time (to develop mastery) before moving on to the next topic. My son thought it was too slow and boring, but he is a very gifted math student and I can barely keep up with him on my good days. We skipped the review and moved on to things that were new to him, and we didn't have to use all the pages for each of the topics. He likes using math manipulatives, so we added them in for his kinesthetic learning. The worksheets don't use manipulatives, but it wasn't hard to use them when teaching the concepts.

  • Mastery approach (if you prefer spiral approach)
  • Common Core aligned (if you are against Common Core)
  • Can be very slow for a gifted math student
  • No manipulatives (although you could add that in if you wanted to)
  • If downloaded, it will use a ton of ink/toner or you will have to pay to get it printed

  • Mastery approach (if you like that)
  • Cheap! Only $34 for the whole year
  • A good pace if you have a struggling math learner (or just not my son, lol)
  • Colorful pages
  • Easy to follow instructions, and no teaching text needed!

Printed- $17.95 each work texts, answer key-$13.95, test/reviews $15.95
CD Full Set- $39.00

Downloads- Full set grade 1: $34.00 (or separately 1-A: $16.50, 1-B: $17.50, Supportive materials $7.95)

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