Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spanish For You Review

I was given a great opportunity to review a new curriculum- Spanish for You! It is a Spanish curriculum for kids in grades 3-8 and it is geared for families, classrooms, co-ops, or even self-study.

I was given the Fiestas package which is centered around different Spanish holidays like Birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, and more.  I used this curriculum out on a group of kids at my homeschool co-op.

We only had time for one lesson, so I decided to do the Birthday Celebrations lesson, which happens to be the first lesson in this book. When I first looked at the book I was impressed with the amount of things you can do with each lesson. There are plenty of ideas to help your students learn and retain Spanish. I also like being able to print out the worksheets as you need them.

Using flashcards I introduced Spanish vocabulary to the students.

The kids then made Bingo cards using the vocabulary flashcards we went over and we played a game to go over the vocab again, in a fun way.

Singing Spanish songs together with homemade fans and castanets!
 This curriculum worked out so well for my co-op class. I have a variety of ages in my class (from 1st-4th grade) and I was easily able to adapt the lesson for the wide range of ages. The kids enjoyed the games we played and they retained the vocabulary, at least until the end of class. I could have done this lesson another day or two with the students because there were so many options and ideas I just didn't have time to implement it all with my class in one hour.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum. They liked the art because it was simple and they could color them for fun. They also enjoyed listening to the native speakers speak as well as sing. It was a great way for the class to learn how to say the words correctly instead of speaking in bad "Spanglish."
To be honest, I wish I had more time to use this curriculum to teach my co-op class. I highly recommend this curriculum to a homeschool co-op looking for an easy-to-use and fairly inexpensive Spanish curriculum. As the teach there wasn't a ton of planning to do, and the kids never had "down time" during the lesson.

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