Thursday, October 18, 2012

A New Music Blog

I am starting a series on this blog which will focus on what I love to do every day: teach music. I love teaching music (specifically violin and viola students).  I haven't ever blogged about my methods or ideas before and I am not sure why. I was searching for violin Kodaly blogs the other day and I couldn't find any, so guess what. I am starting one.

You can't teach one way for every student. I use a variety of approaches and methods in my studio in order to get the best out of each of my students. I use a mixed approach of Kodaly, Rolland, and Suzuki in my studio.  I plan to familiarize myself with the O'Conner method at some point and bring in elements of his teaching style as well.

This series will not be a series on how to play the violin/viola, rather a series on how to teach violin/viola. I hope to give ideas to teachers of any instrument, not just violin/viola. It is fairly easy to adapt music theory ideas between instruments, less so to adapt technique ideas.

I just started my son on viola yesterday so I will use him to take pictures of beginners. Please comment on this post or email me any questions you have or things you want me to cover.

You can read my short professional bio and get to know me!

You can also follow my accompaniment channel on YouTube (it will be helpful in future editions to this series).

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