Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy

I love quotes.  They inspire and motivate me in every chapter of my life. You can check out my ever-changing Favorite Quotes Page. It is no surprise to my family and friends that there are a lot of Disney quotes on that page.  Walt Disney was a brilliant man and left an amazing legacy behind. His words continue to ring true and inspire generations of kids and adults alike.

This sign hangs at the entrance of Disneyland.  There is a similar sign at Disney World but it is round.

Literally it means that there are different lands in the park: Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, etc.

What does it mean to me?

It means I get to leave all my worries behind, forget any heart ache, and dream!  It means my family and I can glide into the future, slink into an adventure, and make memories that will last a lifetime together. It means that I am home. Home.

Disneyworld and Disneyland both feel like home to me, and to many people.  Why is that? Because you leave behind your everyday routines and trade them in for fairy dust, pirate hooks, princess kisses, royal fanfares, fireworks, horse and carriage rides, parades, safaris, magical memories, and 24 hours of smiles. Who wouldn't want to live at a place like that?

This is why at home I have Disney decorations everywhere. I want to have that magic with me at all times. That way instead of having to go to Disney to enter a world of fantasy, all I have to do is jump out of bed.

Join me and other bloggers on a journey of Disney related quotes at Heidi's Destination Disney.  Each week she will share another quote to write about. Quotes + Disney +Bloggers = Awesome fun!


Heidi said...

What an AWESOME interpretation of this week's quote! I think this is going to be great fun! Thanks for playing along this week.

Jennifer said...

Beautifully said!!!!!