Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was our official start to the new school year. We started with a trip to the play ground, followed by a stop at Target, lunch, and then sitting outside to do our school work. It was a great day and Sebastian had a wonderful time. We talked about what he wanted to do this year as well as what I expected.  There is a huge difference between last year and this year.  Last year we did a lot of lapbooks, and although he really likes to do them still, he told me his favorite thing to do are word problems.  He is is father. I find it weird.

Last year I did keepsake interviews. I still plan on doing that, but not until after Kaelyn's birthday.  We will make it a tradition to do those interviews in September.

We came up with a school name.  Well, I came up with a school name.  Our Lady, Queen of All Saints Academy. I thought it was a great idea; we can study a different saint every month.  Sebastian said the name was too long.  He decided to shorten it to Our Lady, Queen.  Ok.  As long as I can still do my sneaky mommy thing and have multiple patron saints for our schooling. The month of August is dedicated to Our Lady, since our school is named after her.  I haven't decided who we will study for September.

We did a lot of review things today and I am happy to realize Sebastian hasn't forgotten anything.  He may have been a tiny bit slower, but the neurons were firing and he remembered what we did in June.

August will be a lighter schedule. We are going to have school Monday-Wednesday each week. This will allow him to adjust to the routine before I make it five days a week come September.  Who am I kidding. It is also to allow me to adjust as well.  I have a lot of fun projects for this year, and now that I have some experience under my belt I am ready to try more "out of the box" ideas this year.

Our Lady, Queen of all Saints, Pray for us.

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Barbara said...

Great idea, starting early!
Regarding September's Saint. St. Vincent de Paul's feastday is Sept. 27.

Wishing you the best as you enjoy kindergarten!