Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Little Pony Carnival

Sebastian had an amazing 5th birthday party.  He wanted a My Little Pony Carnival, and how could I say no to him?

Sebastian's favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, so I tried to make it RD heavy. We had a lot of rainbow elements for him.

First, let's talk invitations. I was pressed for time, so I found a great Greeting from Equestria postcard art from The Hub, printed them out and pasted them on different colored card stock.  Next, I found a screen shot from the opening of the show where you can see Ponyville and I added Rainbow Dash's cutie mark to it and wrote the info over the background.  I bought some rainbow ribbon and glued all of it to the inside of the card.  I think I spent $5 on the invitations and about 15 minutes. This was the easy part.

Next, I gave my husband the job of making signs for all the games.  He took the challenge and made fantastic vector art for the party.  We printed out these signs and hung them by the game/area that they represented.

We had lollipops, medals, play dough, water guns, and other fun items that we gave away as party favors.

This was one of my favorite stations.  Who doesn't like blowing bubbles?

My younger sister did an amazing job painting the Everfree Forest on a large cardboard box for this game.  We used beanie bag animals and tossed them into the box for points.

This is probably my favorite sign my husband made.  I love Pinkie Pie and how she breaks the 4th wall. :-D

This was one of the best areas. My younger sister (who is an artiste!) painted cutie marks on a bunch of our faces.  She then let the 5-year-old boys paint her face.  She earned mad street cred after that...

Keeping with the rainbow feel, I found some great ideas at Pinterest for rainbow cupcakes.  I made rainbow cupcakes with rainbow icing.  They tasted great!  As a side note, our oven broke the week before the party and it was a bit nail-biting to see if we were going to have an oven to bake the cupcakes in for the party.  We did.  Whew (and I LOVE love love my new oven.)!
"I'm not giving him cake! I'm ASSAULTING him with cake!"
I had my friend, Laurie, put the icing on the cupcakes. She does a good job making it look so pretty!

We had a great time with our family and friends celebrating Sebastian's 1/2 decade of life.

The games went fast, but it kept the kids (little and big) busy for a few minutes.

Our collection of cutie marks, and poor Emma with her face covered in paint. She is a good sport.

Sebastian has already been thinking about his next birthday, lol.  I think we may have outdone ourselves this year, so I don't know what we will do next year.  We do love parties!!
"I never leave home without my party cannon"


Matthew Rinehart said...

i didn't make the vectors themselves (except the guilty-looking Sweetie Belle). i used the excellent vectors from mlp-vectorclub at deviantart. The signs and comics were original ideas, though.

Lauren said...

These are pretty cool. I guess I should really watch this show. haha. I did see a few minutes of it once and I loved the sarcasm of one of the ponies, haha.

Looks fun though!