Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 6 Disney Restaurants

This was the HARDEST list to put together.  I love eating at Disney World.  There are so many restaurants I love and I have brought home so many restaurants from them that I can't really give a top 50 let alone a top 6.  Here is my best attempt, and just because a restaurant didn't make this list it doesn't mean I don't love it.  Seriously.  You can't go wrong with eating at Disney.

6.  Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
The Luau at the Polynesian Resort is quite amazing.  I remember the delicious mango poppy seed vinaigrette the most. I have that recipe too, I just don't remember where it is.  I need to find it and make it again.  The salad is really the only thing that I remember (besides the very easy-on-the-eyes fire dancer).

5. Liberty Inn Tavern
We went to Liberty Inn Tavern on a whim, and I have to say it is the best thing we did.  I took home all the recipes from the meal: salad with strawberry vinaigrette,  garlic beans and carrots, spice-rubbed flank steak, sally lunn rolls with cinnamon butter, and apple crisp. It was delicious and I am so sad I didn't take any pictures of the food.  Seriously. Best food. Additional fun?  It is served family-style and you can take as much or as little as you want from all the dishes. 

4. Chef Mickey's
This was a huge hit for both the men in my life.  My husband LOVES breakfast and buffets, so having a breakfast buffet is his kind of heaven.  Sebastian loves being able to look at the food and pick what he wants (which is why buffets are great for picky eaters) AND the characters come to your table!  This was the last meal at Disney when we went in 2009 and even though Sebastian had an ear infection, he was smiling during the whole meal.  I am so glad he enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend this for anybody who wants to see the fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto). I have the recipe for Goofy's Goofy Lasagna and cheddar potatoes.

3. Coral Reef Restaurant
We went to the Coral Reef restaurant both on our honeymoon and then again when we took Sebastian.  This is a great place, especially if you like seafood.  There is a gigantic aquarium that takes up one whole wall of the restaurant.  That kept Sebastian busy the entire time we were there. Delicious and the atmosphere is relaxed and romantic.

2. Jiko- The Cooking Place
OMG.  This restaurant completely surprised me.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but I received amazing food, amazing wine, and stellar atmosphere.  We did go here with Sebastian but all these restaurants have a kids menu.  That being said, I would have liked this better if it was a date with just me and my hubby. I wouldn't discourage you to go with your kids, but it is a very romantic setting and it would have been a great honeymoon restaurant (if I would have known!).
Dessert I picked was chocolate 3 ways: chilled, hot, and frozen. (top right)

1. Victoria and Albert's
Looking for romance?  Then look no further.  This was our first dinner as a married couple (if you don't count the reception). It was a seven course feast with wine pairings.  There is also a harpist that plays Disney tunes while you dine. In the middle of the room there was a floral arrangement that was as high as the ceiling.  I don't know why I didn't bring the camera, but oh well.  When we dined with them they told us that it is tradition that since we ate there on our honeymoon we must come back sometime to celebrate an anniversary.  We plan on it. This is, by far, the BEST meal of my entire life. Seriously.
We had our names printed on our take-home menus for keepsakes. I also received a long-stem rose and we were given bread to take home. It was amazing. So amazing.


Heidi said...

Wow - you've had some GREAT dining experiences! Thanks for sharing. I had trouble narrowing this week's list down too.

DCJules said...

I'll take Sanaa over Jiko and add Yak & Yeti