Friday, April 6, 2012

My Samurai

Our homeschool this week was fairly quiet and laid back.  We focused on reading books, reviewing things we already know, and I reintroduced long a and silent e.  I just didn't feel like doing a whole lot of new things with him this week when I knew we were going to be off for a while for Easter. That's why we did a lot of review.  There are a lot of learning opportunities in a day so I have been "unschooling" mostly this week. I had him measuring and helping me cook dinners, he helped me plan my grocery trip, we read (a ton!), we discussed nutrition and exercise, had some water experiments in the bath tub, and enjoyed him being 4 and Kaelyn being 19 months. It just made my life easier than making worksheets or coming up with games to play.  I think this will be how we do a lot of the summer homeschool days.  He will still be retaining and learning, but it just isn't as intense and he guides the learning.  It was a nice change of pace. (It seems we have been changing it up a lot lately!). We also spent a TON of time outside.  It has been beautiful and we have to take advantage of this beautiful weather!

He loves Power Rangers Samurai, and here is a short video he wanted me to take of him acting out a fight scene.  This kid cracks me up. <3

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