Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bath Paint

The kids spent close to an hour in the bath tonight, and that says a lot since my daughter has been SCREAMING during bath time for a few months.  Today all of that changed.  Let me introduce you to my secret weapon...


Take shaving cream and add food color to it.  Put it in a cupcake tray, give the kids paint brushes, and let them play!  It was so much fun.

My son wanted to be Rainbow Dash (he is currently obsessed with My Little Pony) so he painted his entire body blue and I added some wings to his back. He completed the look by coloring his head rainbow colors.  He is pretty awesome.  My daughter actually enjoyed her bath (until i washed her hair, and then she screamed again.)

If you have kids, you need to do this. It washes right off and didn't stain the tub (or the kids). Do it!!

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