Monday, February 20, 2012

Lent 2012

This past summer I read the Bible in 90 days.  Unfortunately, I haven't read much scripture since then. I completed it, but it burned me out.  I decided that instead of taking something out of my life for lent, I would add in more Bible reading again.  This time I want to lighten the load and do less reading each day so that I can reflect and pray about what I am reading.

I was going to focus my readings and make a 40 day chart, but I decided to go easy on myself and read the readings from mass for the day.I will read, reflect, and PRAY.  Why do I always forget that part of reading the Bible?

Weekday Lectionary
Sunday Lectionary (We are in year B)

I want to read BEFORE I go to mass.  I think this will be critical for me to get anything out of the readings.  Now that I am in the choir loft it is a lot easier to get distracted and not pay attention.  My end goal is to make reading the Bible important in my life again. Now I just have to find my Bible before Wednesday...

If I can't find my Bible, this website will give me my readings for everyday.

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