Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sightword Bingo

Today's lesson went awesome.  Last night I had a brilliant idea: sight word Bingo!  It was the first thing we did in school today, and Sebastian loved it.  I wrote all the sight words we knew up on the board, and he picked 9 to write on his card.  I also picked 9, and then I cut out the words and put them in a cup.  We took turns pulling out the words and Sebastian would read the word and we would put a dot on our Bingo cards (if we had the word).  I won the first game, but Sebastian won the second. He asked to play it tomorrow, and I told him we would.  I cannot deny a fun and educational game.

Left: Sebastian marking a word he pulled.
Center: Sebastian showing off his winning board.
Top Right: My board and the cup with our sight words inside.
Middle Right: the list of sight words Sebastian knows as of today.
Bottom Right: Another action shot of Sebastian playing Bingo.
His handwriting today wasn't the best, but he was reading well.  One step at a time.  I am going to make our game boards a little bigger for tomorrow, and add the Handwriting without Tears boxes in them so that he writes the letters correctly. This is a game to remember for the future.

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