Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy Snow Day

I love snow days. I love the look of the snow on the lawn, and the excitement in the air.  Right now the kids are fighting their father with Lego light sabers. Yep, it's the best kind of day. Earlier Kaelyn was dancing with her daddy.  How sweet!  Oh wait... now they traded light sabers for pillows.  It's hard to keep up in this family!

Anyway, over at Oiralinde Preschool I had mentioned I wanted to start doing sensory bin play with the kids.  Last night I cleaned out our homeschool room/office/music room closet to make for better organizing so that I would have the room to store sensory bin items. I haven't bought anything, but I wanted to let the kids play around today.  I had some colored rice from a Thanksgiving project we did, I had about 20 baby Jesus', some pine cones, a couple spoons, a bucket, and a small tub. 

They had a blast making a mess.  Things I learned: I need a way bigger bin.  I also need to have at least two of every item or they will fight over it. Vacuums are awesome.

Now it is time to log off and go play in the snow!

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