Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Christmas Cards

My Christmas Cards This Year:
I could spend all day looking at Tiny Prints' Christmas/holiday cards.  Check it out for yourself here. I am having a hard time choosing the card I will use this year.  It depends on how the photo shoot goes and how many usable pictures we get.

Here are a few options I might get:
I love the Mary and Jesus graphic on the top of this card.
This one has the manger scene silhouetted on the top which I like.  It would be great if I could get a family picture, one of both kids,  and one of the kids together.  That's a hope, but we know how kids can be, so I'm not holding my breath that I will get to use this particular design.
I like this one, and you can change the text (in the gray area) to make it more religious. I just love the colors of this card.
I'm being really hopeful that I get a ton of decent pictures with which to work for this card.
I like these designs because it keeps the reason for the season on the card.  Christmas is about Jesus coming to the world, and it can be hard finding religious cards anywhere these days.  What is great about Tiny Prints is that you can customize some of the wording to make it as religious or non-religious as you wish.  I used the filter on the left hand side of their website to show only the religious cards.  You can also filter by color, card type, prices and other criteria.  It's very useful since they have so many options available. They also have holiday address labels and holiday party invitations, but I haven't bought any of them.  

How do you display your Christmas cards? 
I used to have an angel Christmas card tree that help my cards, but it died at the beginning of last year.  Last year I taped all my cards to the wall and made a Christmas card tree in the dining room.  I think I need a better idea for this year.  Care to share with me what you do?  I would love to hear.

 My Christmas photo tradition:
At Thanksgiving my older sister has become our Christmas card photographer.  She does a marvelous job making me not look like crap (which is quite a feat). It has become a tradition that I look forward to each year. Last year Sebastian was not happy about it and didn't smile.  He usually hates getting his picture taken, but we messed up and made him stop watching a movie in order to take pictures.  This year we will have candy and a toy as bribes for smiles.  Kaelyn will be the difficult one since 1 year old don't like to sit still. Ever.

The Company:  
Tiny Prints is a print website that does greeting cards, announcements, and business cards.  They have been around since 2004, but I only found them last year when I used them for Kaelyn's birth announcements. You can read more about them here.

How they stand out: There are a few reasons why I chose them twice (once for Kaelyn's birth announcements and then again for our Christmas cards last year) and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a greeting card website.
  1. Super cute cards.  They have a huge selection of cards for any situation.  The hardest part about the process of using Tiny Prints is picking out the card you want to use.
  2. I haven't ever had to pay full price. Both times I used them I had coupon codes to cut the price or negate shipping costs.  It makes the purchase reasonable for my family.
  3. Pre-shipping of envelopes.  At no additional cost I was able to mail out the envelopes BEFORE Kaelyn was born.  I was able to write out all the addresses and stamp the envelopes while I had the time, and then when Kaelyn was born all I had to do was upload my photos I wanted to use, add the information, and then they shipped it out to me in about a week.  It made my life so much easier when I had that new baby adjustment period.
  4.  Quality. I have been very happy with how our announcements and cards have turned out.  I am planning on using them again for Christmas this year

*Note: I am receiving 50 free Christmas cards for writing this blog post.  If you have a blog and want to do a post for them, go here to get your own free cards!

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Barbara said...

The four-shot cards are great. I love your idea of family, individual, and then the two kids, or it could you and your husband. The bottom one offers way too many possibilities. It would be hard to choose, I think.
Regarding showcasing Christmas cards. For years, I used a hole punch to place a hole on the inside top, near the fold of the card. Then, I took curling ribbon, cut a very long piece of it, and then put the ribbon through the hole, making a small knot with the ribbon, then leaving enough space for the width of the card, then putting on another card, and repeating above.
You end up with a "garland" of cards, that I used to drape over the kitchen window, or drape along the pass-thru from the kitchen to the family room. Or around the front closet double doors that slide open.
Great post, Elyse.
Thanks for sharing.