Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday: Kaelyn's Butterfly Garden

Sebastian woke up feeling sick today, and he decided to crawl into my bed and nap this morning.  I decided to take advantage of the time, so I worked on Kaelyn's room.  I finally put the butterfly decals on the walls.  It was so easy, I don't know why I put it off as long as I did.

The main mural is over the crib. There was a large hole and a few small holes in the wall.  Matt spackled the wall, and then instead of painting over the spackle, I just stuck the larger butterflies over the spackle.  See- you would never have known if I didn't tell you.

The wall.
Up close (note: the wall is actually light green. )

 There is a larger, more colorful butterfly above the changing table. You can see my Secret Garden Picture hanging on the wall to the right.
Up close.

So that was a tiny project I did this morning.  I still have butterflies to decorate her closet doors, but I need to paint them and let them cure for a week before I do anything to them. My to do list today includes:
  • Going to Home Depot to buy paint for the closet doors and room door to Kaelyn's room and possibly even paint the doors
  • Going to the farmer's market to buy peaches and watermelon
  • Doing a load of Kaelyn's laundry
  • Cooking up a batch of garbanzo beans (currently on the stove) and then turning them into hummus 
  • Smoking some wings for dinner (as long as it doesn't rain, or we'll go with plan B- portobello mushroom sandwiches)
  • Clean up the music room so I can give a lesson tonight

P.S. I have been getting comfortable with GIMP, and I love making new banners for my websites (check them out at http://oiralindepreschool.blogspot.com and http://oiralindecrafts.blogspot.com).  They may not be professional, but I think they are good for an amateur.   I also figured out how to put watermarks on my photos (which you may have noticed in this post).  Watch out Matthew, I might become a computer wiz myself!

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