Thursday, May 5, 2011

The time is coming

I want to start "schooling" around July 1st.  I have decided that year-round schooling makes the most sense for our family. I don't want to do a heavy review period at the beginning of the school year. This will also allow us to have mini-breaks throughout the year for less burnout as we get into the upper grades.  Here is a good article that highlights the pros and cons of summer schooling: Should you homeschool through the summer? Here is another blog post about the pros of summer schooling: Year Round Homeschool. Another link: Stress-free Summer Homeschool

Since we will be doing preschool this year, I don't want anything that is heavily scheduled.  Our summer schedule will be different than fall and winter.  Here is the summer schedule:
Wake up (usually around 7:30 am)
Get dressed and eat breakfast
Go for a walk and play outside
10 am Snack time!
More outside play, laundry on the line, etc.
11:30 am Come inside for lunch and cool down
*At this point we will do our "school"

OR, on days we are going to Hershey Park or going to the pool, our schedule will look more like this:

Wake up (usually around 7am)
Get dressed and eat breakfast

*At this point we will do our "school"
10 am snack time
Get ready to leave- pack lunches, put on sunscreen, etc.
Go out
It will change as the weather cools.  We will stay in during the cold morning hours and head out during the warmer hours of the afternoon.

My plan is to work reading and math readiness, reading books together, doing field trips, craft time, and exposure to the arts. It is going to be student-lead and play-focused.  I don't want it to be too structured while he is four.  I am using a combination of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education philosophies to inspire my child to grow and learn.

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