Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learning everyday

It seems Sebastian teaches me more than I teach him.  Today I gave him a silly sentence to remember.  I spoke it once, had him repeat it and then we went about the day.  About a half hour later I asked him what the sentence was, and without hesitation he spoke, "A crocodile at my cornflakes."  Wow.  Well... let's see.  We went to target and came home.  We ate lunch.  Four hours later I asked him what the sentence was.  Again, without hesitation he was able to recite the sentence.  Why did I think this would be hard for him.  I told him tomorrow I am going to try to stump him.  He gave me a sentence to remember as well.  "A crocodile ate my purse." It's a fun game, but I am going to stretch him tomorrow.  I am going to add a few adjectives to spice it up.

I found a great book of learning games to get kids ready for first grade.  I have tried a few of the games, and Sebastian seems to have mastered all the kindergarten-aged games already!  I never taught him how to do any of the things these games teach.  They are just natural abilities all children learn, so long as a caring adult interacts with him or her each day.

This helps me feel better about our choice to home school. I receive affirmation daily these days.  I don't think God could show me clearer signs, and I am humbled to feel the call to school my children.  These children are my future.  Shouldn't I be in charge of giving them the best chance of success in their adult lives?  Matthew is 110% behind me.  This is a decision we have made together.  We have even spoken to our family and friends about our decision.  For the most part people seem to be receptive to the idea of school outside of the public system.  The biggest "issue" people have with home school children is socialization. 

This is the most annoying and tiring myth to debate.  I have done countless hours of research and have found many studies proving that public schools are actually detrimental to proper socialization and children that are schooled at home have better social skills with people of all ages, not just their peers.  They also have better self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. 

There are many resources and opportunities in my area to become involved in home school groups, activities, and other outlets for our children to make lasting friendships.  I know home school is the right choice for our family at this time.  I think it is important to reevaluate every year to make sure everyone is happy.  Sometimes things need to change.  For now, I am happy to be able to spend my time with my children.  I don't feel like I am sacrificing a career to be with them.  I am gaining memories with them.  These memories I will cherish forever, and no one can take them from me.

Thank you, God, for letting me be a mother.  I am living a dream life with my family by my side.

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