Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks four years of wedded bliss.  August 12, 2006 established a new family- my family.  The wedding itself was fun, but it was only the beginning of the best time of my life.  We have done so much in the last four years; it feels like forever and hardly any time at all. God has blessed us these past four years.  He has given us a beautiful boy, enabled me to stay home, and now we are awaiting a baby girl to add to the love in our house.  It amazes me how God brought us together and how he keeps us together.  There is always love in the house, even amidst any scuffles that may happen.  

Tonight we are going to celebrate our marriage at Alfred's Victorian.  This restaurant is where Matthew and I went to eat the night we got engaged.  I was telling Sebastian this story and I told him that we are going to this place to eat tonight.  Sebastian's reaction: "But I don't want to get engaged!" I guess I didn't explain it properly.  This is the first anniversary dinner we will be bringing Sebastian with us.  As much as I love alone time with Matthew, Sebastian is the fulfillment of our marriage. It seems appropriate for him to celebrate our anniversary with us.

"Remember, dreams can come true..."

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