Friday, May 22, 2009

Digging in the garden

I have my veggie garden planted!  I want to take pictures now, to show where the garden began, because by the time August comes around the garden may be eating us alive!

This is my herb garden.  From the back there are: chives, oregano, basil, rosemary and dill.  In the container to the right I have cilantro.

Here are my containers of sage (to attact hummingbirds).  The left is a Pinneapple sage and the right is a Cherry sage.

The veggies!  From the left I have an Abe Lincoln tomato plant, a Riebenstrabe cherry tomato plant, a fushia, some celosia, and a spearmint plant.

This is the other half of my veggie patch.  From the right I have lavendar, oxheart tomato, and ared brandywine tomato.

My hanging plants!  Celosia in the middle, surrounded by portulaca and wave petunias.  These will fill out over the course of the summer. Last year my hanging plants were HUGE!

I will post pictures as the summer progresses, and of course, I will post pictures of the harvest!

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