Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old HS Memories

Last night I had a dream I was back in highschool at an RSYO rehearsal. Nothing special, but after I woke up I realized how much of a toon I was in highschool! I was more energetic than I am now. I feel bad for my stand partners. I don't know how they handled me. Whew! I was crazy! My Passion for life hasn't decreased, but I know when and where to reel in the energy. Having a child has helped to reduce my energy.

I have been so grateful to play my instruments as much as I have lately. I am hoping to continue to play this much at home. I forgot how much I love to make music. When I was a teacher I was too stressed to enjoy the music. I wasn't abe to appreciate the art. Maybe teaching isn't the best job for me. I know that I am doing the job for me- a mother. I love it because it has the most rewards of any job.

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