Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poor Little Sebastian

Last night, while Sebastian was running around like usual, he stepped on a picture frame, and broke the glass. Matthew held his foot to stop the bleeding, and when I looked at it, I thought I spotted glass in the wound, but it was under the skin, so I couldn't pull it out.  We eneded up having to go to the ER.  We were there from 7pm-10pm (not the worst wait) and we found out there wasn't any glass in his foot afterall.  I guess it is better to be safe than sorry, but I felt like I wasted our evening. Sebastian was such a trooper.  He kept saying "Bye bye"  "All done!"  and "Car! Car" to tell us he wanted to go.  It was so pathetic.  He didn't scream as much as he could have, and he let us do what needed to be done (because we held him down) but at least we learned a lesson.  Matthew asked me what that lesson was, and I am not sure what it is.  But we learned something!!

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