Tuesday, May 1, 2007

8th Month Reflections

My pregnancy classes are:
over! We took them a little early, but with May being crazy for music teachers, it worked out for us. We got some great ideas and I am less nervous, now that I know what to expect.

In the classes, I've learned how to:
manage my pain through breathing and focusing. I also have a great position to be in when my back is hurting. When I am lucky, Matthew rubs my back too.

What I've bought for you so far:
I bought a few newborn onesies, a playpen, a stroller, a car seat, a high chair, a swing, and some booties and mittens. (We have a lot more things to get...) I also bought two sleepers and a cute ducky outfit.

What other people have bought for you:
Lia bought two cute t-shirts for the wee one.

The strangest food craving I've had during this pregnancy is:
a billion mini-eggs. I don't think I have had anything too weird. I did want pickles and then an hour or two later I wanted icecream. I did not want pickles and icecream together, although Matthew likes to tell people otherwise.

The strangest piece of advice I've gotten since this pregnancy started is:
wash the floors! It actually isn't bad advice. It helps the baby get to the right position so that I don't have to go through back labor.

At my prenatal visit, I learned:
The baby isn't fat after all! I have also gained 21 pounds, and it is perfectly normal!

My hopes:
to get into my house and have everything painted and situated in time for the baby to come.

My fears:
that the house won't be ready in time (or that I won't make it through the school year)

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