Monday, February 5, 2018

God is Always With Us

by: Kaelyn

Saul was the king of the Israelites. They lived on God’s beautiful land. The Israelites had an army. Their job was to protect their home. Then soon an army ran into the other part of God’s beautiful land. Eventually, Goliath stomped forward. Goliath, who was nine feet tall, was huge and he had on a lot of armor. The Israelites were freaked out.

Goliath challenged one of the Israelites to fight him. He thundered, “The losers will serve the winners!” The Israelites, who were frightened, did not walk forward. For forty days, none of the Israelites answered.

David, who was brave, stomped forward. Goliath laughed hard. Goliath thought that he could easily win because David did not have any armor and was a boy. David sling-shotted a rock into Goliath’s face. Goliath collapsed down and died. David won because he knew that God will always be with us.

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