Monday, January 22, 2018

I love being a lot of things

By Kaelyn
For yesterday's American Heritage Girls meeting, I had to bring a baby picture and some things that describe me. Well, I forgot to bring the box that had the items that described me, but I didn't really need it. In my box I had a stuffed horse because I like animals. I also had a music note in there because I love music. I had a baking donut recipe because I love to bake. I had ballet slippers because I love to dance. I had a crayon sharpener because I love to color. I had a Disney autograph because I love Disney World. It was so much fun!

We guessed who was who with baby pictures. I got zero right. One person got me right. It was really really hard! 

I really like my AHG uniform because you get badges and so much stuff. You maybe should become an American Heritage Girl. You would be able to have a lot of badges.

My first penance was a little nervous. But I did it anyway. I felt excited, nervous, and so many ways. I felt so good afterwards because I got my soul wiped all good. I will be so happy when I play with my lamb again. I got a lamb during it. The symbolized that I was lost and Jesus brought me back.

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